Brand Ambassador

Please bare in mind that Coil & Connect is a small startup business. I, Renee, manage a lot behind this business with help from friends and other individuals like yourself to keep the image going. “We” refers to the company and those like yourself who help to contribute to the brand. 


What we’re looking for:
Happy individuals who are excited to help with this business journey.
We’re looking for creatives, travelers, beach goers or those passionate about uplifting things/activities to represent our brand.
Must be following @coilandconnect
Must have a strong social media presence
Excellent communication skills
Professional attitude
Must be able to take high quality images and have basic knowledge of photo editing or adjustment.
Knowledge of flat lays is a plus

Be able to make social media posts in order to increase brand awareness and generate new sales.

Since my company is one-(wo)man operated I will only be able to offer up to 50% off my handmade products.
Only select individuals that I reach out to personally will receive free product.
Each ambassador will receive a code for their followers to use.
And each sale with your unique code will earn you credit toward your next Coil & Connect gift.

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