Cancer season crystals

Coil & Connect’s summer collection will embrace Cancer season, June 21 – July 22, a day right after the summer solstice. The collection’s jewelry will contain crystals commonly associated with this season such as carnelian, citrine, moonstone, rose quartz, and opalite.


Carnelian, a part of the Quartz family, provides inspiration, courage, motivation, and stimulates creativity. It clarifies the importance of focusing on the present rather than worrying about the past. The stone found in beautiful shades of red and orange helps with family and generates safety, security, and self-love.


The yellow stone, citrine, encourages creativity inspiration and self-confidence. Cancerians are known to be naturally empathetic so this is the stone that helps provide a better understanding of one’s boundaries.


Moonstones are a good indicator of Cancer energy. It brings out inspiration, intuition and inner growth. This stone’s energy is very nourishing and soothing. It is also seen as a protective stone when traveling overnight or over water. For women primarily, this stone can help with fertility, PMS and menstrual issues. It even provides comfort during pregnancy and childbirth. The opalescent stone is emotionally soothing and can help balance overall hormonal cycles.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is associated with Cancerians gentle, caring side. The pretty, pink stone portrays a sense of joy, healing, love, and compassion. This stone aids in the elimination of negative thoughts and can help heals emotional stresses.


Opalite, the stone known for creating a rainbow of colors, is helpful in memory recall and connecting to your higher self. This transformative stone helps change the negative to positive and provides a sense of clarity.

Cancer season can generally lead to feeling heavy emotions and now more than ever, we all are in need of a little bit of courage, inspiration, nourishment, and compassion. These stones will be a great summer addition to your jewelry collection to attain not only summer aesthetics but really embrace these stone’s properties.

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