I would like something custom made
Please email us at coilandconnect@yahoo.com or fill out our contact form.
We do body chains, hand chains, barefoot sandals, anklets, necklaces, bracelets..

Which size should you order? Here’s what we recommend:
For 8mm bracelets – Take measurement(inches) closest to the wrist as possible. Add one inch to that measurement.

Shipping to Jamaica
Your regular mailing address should be okay. The packages are considered ‘letters’ so if you get letters at your P.O. box you should be good to go!
Using ShipMe could be an option to consider

Do you ship internationally?
Yes. If you would like to be our first customer outside of the USA, Canada, Jamaica, Australia please let us know.

I don’t have a social media account
Even though you don’t have Twitter/Instagram/Facebook you are still able to view our posts since our pages are all public
Click to view our different pages:


*Our Instagram is frequently updated and may feature items not listed on our site please message us if you’re interested in a particular item

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