Happy Holidays! ? here’s 25% off

Happy Holidays from Us to You

Celebrate with us using the code XMAS25 at checkout to get 25% off your entire Coil & Connect purchase. Our new designs include bracelet sets made using Howlite, Red Turquoise, Ruby Jade and Aventurine to capture the thematic essence of the holidays.  

Which Gemstone matches your Zodiac?

How to find the gemstones that match your zodiac:

1.View our ‘Zodiac’ story on Instagram to see the gemstones that match your astrological sign. (or see attachment below)

2. View the meanings here and click on the name of the gemstone to see all our available options.

If you have any issues during checkout or would like to make a custom order please reach out to us at coilandconnect@gmail.com.

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